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Welcome to Texas Tech Parents Association!



Moving on to college represents a significant step towards adulthood for our daughters and sons. The end of high school marks the symbolic end of childhood. Parents know this phase of life as "the empty nest." Many parents talk enthusiastically about the changes - feeling less constrained, more free time, etc. Never-the-less, a sense of loss is apparent in comments such as, "It's so quiet around here" or, "I can't believe how much less I spend on groceries." We may find ourselves wandering into cleaned out bedrooms formerly in a state of chaos when lived in 24/7 by our students. Joy is mixed with longing as the young adult takes flight from home base.
It is a mistake, though, to think our daughters and sons no longer need us. We have been their advisers for all of their growing up years. There is no one (except the student) more interested in their success than we are! We can share this phase of their lives and navigate with them without running their lives for them.... but how, without seeming like we're taking (or keeping) control?
Texas Tech Parents Association provides many programs and services aligning with parents to support student success. Whether it is keeping abreast of the most important events on campus or guiding them toward tutoring, writing centers, counseling center, mentoring, and career & academic advising, TTPA is here to help you navigate for the best experiences possible!

Everyone knows that attending college is a life-changing transition for students. Today, college is a family experience, not just for students but for their parents as well. Through their growing up years, students have relied on their parents. We are often expected to have every answer and remain cool, calm and collected at all times. However, like our students, parents need assistance, information, resources, services and support.


Like you, we are also parents who experience excitement and concern, pride and stress, a few sleepless nights and are sometimes downright confused about what lies ahead. Parents could really use some expert advice.

Think of Tech Parents as your personal navigation assistant - a gateway to supporting your student's success, getting connected and staying informed.
Texas Tech Parents Association (Tech Parents, TTPA) is an incorporated, 501(c)3 organization, founded in 1956 and provides a network for parents, student scholarships and achievement awards, faculty awards, and a variety of programs and services to help make your family's experience at Texas Tech memorable. Browse through our website for information and resources most important to parents. We are honored to have you and your student as a part of the Texas Tech family. Texas Tech is a place that has a strong culture of positive family involvement. We hope you’ll visit often, participate in events, and take advantage of our programs and services. Welcome to Texas Tech University and Texas Tech Parents Association.


We invite you to join Tech Parents and support student success!


The Texas Tech Parents Association
Informs Parents
Connects Families
Promotes Knowledge
Inspires Success

Texas Tech Parents Association supports the mission of Texas Tech University, strengthens the relationship between the University and parents, promotes the academic growth of students, and enhances the parent and student experience by engaging families as active partners in supporting student success.


The Texas Tech Parents Association welcomes parents, grandparents, guardians and family members of all students to join us - Parents As Partners in Higher Education.  In our volunteerism and work, TTPA does not discriminate as to race, age, religion, gender,  national origins, sexual orientations or disabilities.


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