Stay Safe - On and Off Campus
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"We pledge our commitment to provide the highest level of police and security services that all citizens deserve." 
Ron Seacrist, Texas Tech University Chief of Police
View the Texas Tech Police website here where you can read safety reports and services.
"Navigating the intricacies of privacy laws, preserving academic freedoms, complying with civil rights laws, and simultaneously ensuring a safe campus and workplace environment are tasks not easily accomplished." (Office for Victims of Crime: Campus Crime Publication)
Parents can take comfort in knowing that Texas Tech University ranks as one of the safest campuses in the country, because, along with health, no topic is of more concern to most parents than safety for our daughters and sons. We know that a part of the process of letting go is realizing that our students are now in charge of their own safety.  That does not mean we stop caring.  It means we we have conversations - with solid and sound advice.

The Texas Legislature in 2015 passed Senate Bill 11 requiring public colleges and universities to allow the concealed carry of handguns on campuses.  Staff, students and faculty in possession of a concealed handgun license are legally allowed to carry their firearms in certain university's buildings effective August 1, 2016  The Tech’s Board of Regents approved plans to implement the state’s new campus carry law on Tech system campuses, including the Health Sciences Centers and Angelo State University. 

University President Lawrence Schovanec chaired the Campus Carry Task Force at Tech last school year after the Bill passed.  The task force included administration, faculty, and student representation.

Most of the Tech residence halls are excluded, except individually assigned rooms in suite- and apartment-style housing in Carpenter/Wells, Murray, Talkington and West Village Residence Hall. Students assigned to dorm rooms where a firearm is stored may request a transfer to another room.
Links to laws and TTU Operating Policy are below.
Additional links which may be of interest


Texas Department of Public Safety - Regulatory Services Division

License To Carry A Handgun


Texas Department of Public Safety - Handgun Licensing



To get a sense of how all Texas public universities are implementing the law, The Dallas Morning News surveyed public campuses and posted a graphic indicating where people may and may not carry.  The article was updated Aug 3rd.  Dallas Morning News



Texas Tech Police Department officers patrol campus at all times on bikes and foot, in and out of buildings, throughout campus and parking lots. Uniformed guards patrol and open all academic buildings for classes in the mornings.
Emergency Alert System
  Texas Tech University has an Emergency Alert Notification System to communicate important alerts and emergency response information. The system is for Texas Tech University only. Urge your  
  students to update (and maintain) their correct contact information at Emergency Notification Database.
  If your student is enrolled in Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, update and maintain contact information at the TTUHSC Emergency Notification Database.
  NOTE: The system enables messages sent to up to four phone numbers, one of which can be designated as text-enabled.  If parents would like to be included in the  notification system, request
  your student include your phone number.
Blue Light Phones 
Tech’s University Police Department continuously monitors 97 phones placed in strategic locations throughout the campus, both inside academic buildings and outside, along heavily traveled walkways and parking lots. All of these phones immediately dial the TTU Police Department when the receiver is picked up. A blue light is mounted above the metal phone boxes which makes them easy to spot at night. Blue Phones in the academic buildings can be easily recognized by a metal box with the word "EMERGENCY” printed in bold red letters.  A map of Blue Light Phone locations can be found and downloaded here.
Safe Ride 
In addition to the on-campus bus routes, which run during daytime hours until 7:00pm, Citibus also provides a Night Shuttle service available to students desiring on-campus transportation after hours until 1:30am. This service may be requested by calling 742-NITE to arrange for a shuttle to pick a student up and take them to their on-campus destination.  
Missed the last shuttle bus home? A service provided through Student Transportation Fees for taxi pickup anywhere within the Lubbock City Limits and delivery to one’s residence. (does not include service to and from the airport) is available from 10:00pm - 4:00am nightly by calling 742-RIDE. The only requirement is that students must have a valid Texas Tech ID. SafeRide pick-up points are also on Broadway near Cricketts.
Register your valuables (bicycle, computer and other electronics, stereo equipment, tv) with Tech Police to enhance recovery in the event of theft. To learn more, go here.


Fire prevention is often overlooked  when examining safety precautions yet each year college and university students experience fire-related emergencies. There are several specific causes for fires on campus, including cooking, intentionally set fires, overloaded power strips and open flame. With new independence comes new responsibilities. It is important that both off-campus and on-campus students understand fire risks and know the preventative measures that could save their lives.  View a brief fire prevention video here.  Recommendations for fire safety in off-campus housing is found on our website. See "Off Campus Housing 101" information under "Parent University."

Since crime on all college campuses has risen, it is worthwhile to cover some "commons sense" preventative measures to help our daughters and sons stay safe. 
  • Residence Halls (Dorms)
    • Only admit your own visitors to the residence halls. NEVER allow strangers to "piggyback” entry into the dorms.
    • Make sure outside doors of residence halls shut securely behind you.
    • Insist that your resident assistant or security guard check for doors left ajar during the day and at night.
    • Report broken or malfunctioning dorm latches immediately.
    • Do not loan your room key to anyone. Never.
    • Make sure your doors and windows lock securely.
    • Always lock your room even if you are going to be gone for just a few minutes.
    • Lock your doors at night.
    • Utilize safes or laptop locks in your room.
    • Never open the door for someone you do not know.
    • Have the locks changed if you ever lose your room key.  
    • Ask anyone who gives you a ride home to wait around until you have safely entered your apartment or dorm building. 
  • Off Campus Housing: Some recommendations found under dorm living apply to off campus living.  In addition:
    • Entry door has a peephole.
    • Sliding glass door has a rod in the track.
    • All public areas are well lit 24-hours a day.
    • If entrance/exit is controlled, gates work properly.
    • Everything well maintained.  Bushes/shrubs trimmed. Trash removed.
    • Get a list of people who have access and when they may enter. Understand notification system.
    • Leave lights or a radio on at your apartment so it looks like someone is always home.
  • Always lock your car.
  • Place valuables in the trunk or under the seats.
  • Have your keys in hand before you leave to go to your car.
  • Have someone walk you to your car, especially at night.
  • Utilize the campus Safe Ride service if you feel you might be in danger.
  • Check your backseat before entering your car.
  • Walking: Texas Tech students walk everywhere
    • Never walk alone, especially at night. It's easy to become so comfortable on campus that you let your guard down. Walk with a friend (or multiple friends) to the rec center, library – everywhere possible.
    • Do not carry a purse.  If you must, a backpack sling bag is best. (cannot be knocked out of hand or off shoulder)
    • Be alert to your surroundings and walk with confidence.
    • Walk where the sidewalks are well lit and well traveled.
    • Trust your instincts. If you feel like someone is following you or if someone’s behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, there is usually a reason for it. Go to a populated place;call campus security.
    • Do NOT wear earbuds/earphones when you are walking on campus.
    • Talking on phone, texting, listening to music makes a student an easier target.
    • Know where campus emergency (blue light) phones are located.
  • Bicycling:  If they aren't walking, they're bicycling. Most bicycle accidents are AVOIDABLE! Proper maintenance, courtesy, common sense, defensive riding and compliance with regulations can prevent needless injury and property damage.
    • Exercise good judgment.
    • Consider your visibility to others.
    • Be a good citizen.
    • Consider pavement/path conditions.
    • Maneuver safely.
    • Learn how/where to register your bike here.


TTPA realizes that safety is very important. The suggestions found on this page are by no means exhaustive.  If you would like to see an additional safety issue topic covered here, please contact TTPA here.

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