Frequently Asked Questions
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If you have questions, we have answers!
Read below for common questions
asked about Texas Tech Parents Association.

Q. Who can join Texas Tech Parents Association?
A. Anyone who has, has had or will have a daughter/son or granddaughter/grandson,  niece/nephew or goddaughter/godson may join!
Q. The cost of college is very expensive. Why do I have to pay dues to join Tech Parents?
A. We agree; college IS expensive!, though less so than many other universities.  However, for less than $3 a month, members have access to hundreds of dollars in discounts!  Your membership also provides you with an academic calendar, current information of greatest interest to parents and more!  For a list of all benefits, visit our Benefits page.
Q. Since I pay dues,  why should I donate?
A. Dues cover administrative costs - the website and database management company; printing costs, mailing costs, training materials are a few of these expenses.  Donations support programs - Parent University, Chapter support, Family Weekend events,  Parent Ambassador Program, away game events, scholarships and awards are supported by donations.

Q. I joined over a month ago and haven't received any information.  What's wrong?
A. Please check your spam or junk folder.  Many companies and ISPs filter out bulk mail.  Be sure and "white list" in your email server. (In email settings, "whitelist" means "to add to a list of authorized senders".)  Log in and review your profile or bio.  Make sure your email is accurate.  If available in your area, did you check a chapter to join? If you have done all of the above and still do not receive communications, please send us an email.
Q. I have heard of a service that helps stranded students.  Can you tell me more?
A. Road Raiders Safe Travel Network is unique and one of our most valued services.  It consists of parents just like you who volunteers.  Parents who are willing to help out a student who may be having car trouble, be lost, or need assistance, sign up on their profile.  Just check the Road Raider box!  The list is updated once a quarter.  To learn more, visit our Road Raider page.

Q. Where can I find out information about Texas Tech's response to the coronavirus?
A. We have a page dedicated to Covid-19 updates. 

Do you have a question that you think everyone might want answered?  Send it in an email and we'll post it here (and provide an answer).

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