Parent Ambassador Program
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Where can I obtain more information or an application?


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Texas Tech Parents Association Parent Ambassadors enjoy opportunities to support student success by attending various events on behalf of the Parent Association, as well as interact with parents of prospective students, network with current Tech Parents, university faculty and staff and distinguished alumni.


Parent Ambassadors are parents, guardians or adult family members of TTU students who foster connections and build relationships with the university by participating in activities and events that make the TTU experience a positive one for all families. Parent Ambassadors help parents of prospective students understand what life is like as the supportive family member of a Texas Tech student by fielding questions, sharing experiences and providing support to those with whom they connect.

The role of a Parent Ambassador is a very distinguished one. TTPA encourages parents who want to share their experiences with others to join a select and diverse group of parents and other adult family members to represent the TTPA community and University in a gratifying and meaningful way. PAs are up-to-date on many issues supporting student success and engage with parents whose students are considering TTU for their college experience.


What is the Parent Ambassador Program?


The Parent Ambassador Program serves to nurture the community of Texas Tech parents. Parents of current TTU students voluntarily participate in the program to serve as an ambassador and further integrate into the TTU community by outreaching to other families, locally and regionally, and enhancing the student experience by sharing knowledge and offering support.



Why did Texas Tech Parents Association launch a Parent Ambassador Program?

The Parent Ambassador Program is one of many outreach strategies. Because students matriculate each year, we naturally have a steady turnover in membership, challenging the maintenance and growth of programs and services. In a culture where discretionary time is a new currency, TTPA implemented outreach strategies to help us communicate our mission, vision, and goals to support student success through parent services and programs.


What is the message given through Parent Ambassadors?


"At Texas Tech, the difference is quite simple,” says Joyce Zachman, TTPA Executive Director. "Our goal is to provide personalized assistance to parents, information they need, resources they can use and support they can count on. Our Parent Ambassadors build meaningful relationships resulting in greater success for our students.”

Why get involved with the Parent Ambassador Program?

Research has shown that parental involvement is one of the best predictors for post-secondary educational aspirations and students give credit to their parents as supporters for college aspiration. As an Ambassador, you will become increasingly knowledgeable about TTU and be equipped with information and resources that will assist other PAs, incoming parents, and more importantly, your student!

What criteria do you use to select your Parent Ambassadors?

In selecting ambassadors, we look for parents who are already doing much of the work of an ambassador. These parents are talking about their Texas Tech experience with their friends, volunteering at events, and are willing to share their experience with others. We enable parents to experience success through their efforts. Secondly, we look for parents in strategic areas - parents whose students are active in the Texas Tech community and who may already have good rapport with campus faculty and staff. Thirdly, we look for parents who are representative of the diversity Texas Tech is reaching. We consider all applications to become a Parent Ambassador as a wonderful opportunity to connect parents to the university.


Requirements for membership

• Parent must be a member in good standing of the Texas Tech Parents Association
• Parent Ambassador Apparel

• Student currently enrolled in Texas Tech University

• Student is in good academic standing



What is the level of commitment to be involved in the Parent Ambassador Program?

We ask for a minimum one-year commitment to the Parent Ambassador Program which may include participation in meetings or conference calls for communication and education purposes and event planning.

When and how was the Parent Ambassador Program launched?

The Parent Ambassador program was piloted in Houston, Texas in January 2011. We began with a training session in which parents were requested to make phone contact with parents of prospective students who resided in the Houston area. Even though the program allowed parents to share their experience of having a student at Texas Tech, it lacked the personal connection that was more important to current parents as well as the parents of prospective students. Parent Ambassadors needed positive feedback to maintain their enthusiasm. The program has undergone a change in direction with more emphasis on personal contact.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Parent Ambassadors?

Through this program, parents serve as ambassadors for programs and events sponsored by Texas Tech Parents Association or Texas Tech University. Ambassadors outreach to families, form relationships, help each other create and sustain ties to the university, and become vested in their student’s college experience.

Parent Ambassadors are sometimes responsible for that first impression. A student may have their first contact with a Tech recruiter in their high school. A parent may have their first contact at any number of events. Wherever parents are, we want them to know that Texas Tech Parents Association cares about them and their students – that we are here to help them navigate the four or more years their son or daughter is in college.


What are specific volunteer opportunities for Parent Ambassadors?

There are a wide variety of opportunities from which Parent Ambassadors may choose - according to their time availability, skill and comfort.

• Speak with prospective parents and families at local or campus events.

• Speak at school district or community events hosting high school students and their parents.

• Assist at Texas Tech University sponsored events.

• Assist at Texas Tech Parent Association sponsored events.

• Assist at Family Weekend in Lubbock.

• Assist at Student and Faculty Award reception in Lubbock.

• Assist at University Day. (fall, Lubbock)

• Top Scholars Reception. (in your town)

• Keep friends and peers informed about what’s happening at the university.

• Offer parents an inside view of how to support student success.

• Become the local, familiar "face” of the Parent Association in your area.

• Welcome new members to the program.

• Assist with publicizing and supporting events (in your town)

• Serve as an informed parent of the university

• Engage with current parents and students

• Assist in identifying, recruiting, and sustaining ambassador membership.

• Attend Red Raider Orientation (summer) to connect with parents of incoming freshmen, answer questions and share your experience as a current TTU parent.

• Host a parent reception (March/April) for prospective parents, TTPA leadership, and University staff to allow parents the opportunity to connect with members of the TTU community off-campus.

What has been learned in the program?

Word of mouth communication is still one of the most credible influences. Testimony of a parent is a powerful way of reaching out to new parents. Further, because ambassadors represent a good cross-section of Texas Tech, our program serves as a model.

How will Parent Ambassadors help TTPA reach its goals?

The Parent Ambassador program increases our outreach significantly. We are able to accomplish much more together than just a few people would be able to do alone. A parent's perspective lends credence to the fact that Texas Tech University is a caring place for our students. Our parents are not paid for talking about the experiences they and their student have – they just want to share!

Parent Ambassadors are important! There’s no real way to measure the impact of the program, but stories about parents connecting with one another to support the success of their students is a convincing reason that it’s an absolutely vital part of our Red Raider Family.




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