Parent Ambassador Program
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PASSION for success, INTEGRITY among peers, CONNECTION in community, and DESIRE to SHARE 

Texas Tech University and TECH PARENTS programs

Ambassadors are supportive family and friends who build relationshipsintegrate into the TTU community, and volunteer in ways that make the TTU experience a positive one for all families.  

"Parent Ambassadors build meaningful relationships resulting in
a positive university experience for the entire family," Joyce Zachman, CEO.

The Parent Ambassador is now the basis of volunteering with Texas Tech Parents Association. No matter how experienced the volunteer, each needs training and support. Even if the volunteer is already well versed in how to do a particular job, learning the ropes of Texas Tech Parents Association, getting to know our mission, vision, and plans, and educating you about the work that you do is something each volunteer wants and needs.

Why engage

Research has shown that parental involvement is one of the best predictors for post-secondary educational aspirations and students give credit to their parents as supporters for college aspiration and success.

Criteria for selecting Parent Ambassadors

The role of a Parent Ambassador is a very distinguished one. Parents who are already volunteering, sharing experiences and supporting one another, whose students are active in the Texas Tech community are excellent candidates. We welcome parents who are representative of the diversity of Texas Tech.


• Parent must be a member in good standing of the Texas Tech Parents Association • Student currently enrolled in or graduated from Texas Tech University

Volunteer opportunities

Ambassadors volunteer at activities sponsored by Texas Tech Parents Association or Texas Tech University. Ambassadors connect with families, form relationships, help each other create and sustain ties to the university, and become a part of their student’s college experience. There are a wide variety of opportunities from which Parent Ambassadors may choose - according to your availability, skill and comfort. 

What is the commitment to the Parent Ambassador Program?

We ask for a minimum one-year commitment to the Parent Ambassador Program. 










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