Road Raider Safe Travel
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The Texas Tech Parents Association suggests you bookmark Road Raiders Safe Travel Network on your smart phone phone or other wireless internet device you use while traveling.

Road Raiders are parents of Texas Tech students who provide assistance to students who may experience car trouble, need directions, or need a place to wait out a storm. Road Raiders Safe Travel Network has been described as the AAA for Texas Tech students and RELIEF for their parents!


Are you willing to help

a Red Raider student stranded in your town?  Log in and update your bio.  Check the Road Raiders box.  Make sure your email and phone number are current.  

Need assistance?

Search Road Raiders by State then City.  

Download to your smart phone or print the Road Raiders list




Updated September 2020

To protect the privacy of families who are willing to assist students
and prefer a measure of privacy,
the list is now accessible after you log into your account.


1305 University Blvd, Lubbock, Texas 79401