Parent Engagement Summit
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Due to circumstances beyond control, we are sorry to announce the postponement of the much-awaited Parent Engagement SUMMIT which was to have been held on February 21-22, 2020 in Lubbock.  We will notify you about a future date.




Limited Seating

Parent engagement today reflects parents' interest in the lives of their college students and our desire to stay connected, while gaining more knowledge about their campus life in which they thrive.  In the process, Families provide support critical to the success of students in higher education.

Engagement is inherently complex - Collaboration, Partnership, Inclusion, Involvement, and Cooperation.


Texas Tech Parents Association provides the Parent Engagement SUMMIT (including meals) free to parent volunteers.

Conference attendees must be currently volunteering or registered as a Tech Parents Parent Ambassador*.


*Parent Ambassadors live anywhere in the country.


 Parent Ambassador Registration



 Agenda is subject to change







Lawrence E. Schovanec began his career in academia at Texas Tech University in 1982, and has served the institution as president since August 1, 2016, steering Tech to record levels of enrollment, student retention, degrees awarded, research expenditures and prestigious awards.

  Dr. Nathaniel Wright's research focuses on nonprofit management. His research specifically addresses how internal practices and environmental conditions influence nonprofit performance and organizational capacity.    

Joyce Zachman has a passion for families and education.  She has worked with families in education for over 50 years. Her energy and passion helped reshape child adoption practices in Texas in the 1990s. She married into the Red Raider Family in 1984 and has served Texas Tech Parents Association since 2008. The Board of Directors appointed Joyce as its Executive Director in 2011 and CEO in 2019.

.  The Texas Tech Alumni Association (TTAA) National Board of Directors selected Curt Langford as the president and CEO of the organization Oct. 1, 2018. Curt graduated from Texas Tech University in 1990, with a Bachelor of Arts in public relations, and in 1997, he received a Master of Arts in interdisciplinary studies with emphasis in higher education/mass communications



Discussion Leaders


  University advisers do not choose courses for students. Advising means coaching, facilitating, encouraging, guiding, questioning, pushing, collaborating. Students are in control of their college career. Advisers support, assist, bolster, and champion student success.

Sounds great, yet parents are often confused about the advice!  This session sheds light on how advisers advise and why.


Most everyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn, even if you don't have an account. What about Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, TikTok, Nextdoor and Life Personal Network? Learn best practices for Navigating Tools, Engagement, Dealing with Negativity and more

 Without assistance from outside sources, most students have trouble paying for the degree they need in order to enter the workforce and become a contributing member of society.  Students cannot afford not to apply for college aid. The cost of attending college may seem daunting, yet college graduates earn, on average, $20,000 more per year than someone with a high school diploma.  A 2018 report found that parents contributed the biggest piece of the financial aid pie in supporting students and were also key players in helping with costs outside of college. Are we surprised?
. The high cost of college textbooks. Is there a solution?
A 2014 report by the 
Public Interest Research Groups found that two-thirds of surveyed students had skipped buying or renting some of their required course materials because they couldn’t afford them. Is that the best answer? Think access codes are the answer?  Not necessarily
  University advisers
  Ms Trecia Cooke
  Scholarships & Financial Aid
Connie Brown & Christy Rossen

Andrew Cicherski 



Select your choice for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. 

Include your selections in the comments section of your registration. 




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